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Group Lessons

For Beginners we offer trial out courses and ÖGV Platzreife based on the standards of the Austrian Golf Association. 

For Advanced players we offer training in small groups. We gladly offer special trainings fitting your themes and time frames. 

For companies we offer special trainings in small groups, regularly or on a selected day. 



Group Lesson Harry (+ 3pax) 70,-

Beginner Harry please contact us

Trial Out Harry please contact us

Group Lesson Marie (+ 3pax) 80,-

Beginner Marie please contact us

Trial Out Marie please contact us

Private Lessons

During a private lesson technical changes can be made best. Individual areas of the game can be analysed and solutions worked out. 

Your goals as well as your individuality are our main focus. We use modern methods and equipment to support the process. 


Private Lessons can be 25 Minutes or 50 Minutes. 


Harry (25min) 28,-

Harry (50min) 56,-

Marie (30min) 35,-

Marie (50min) 65,-

Junior Lessons Marie (25min) 25,-

Junior Lessons  Marie (50min) 50,-

Playing Lessons

Training on the range is an important building block, but to improve your game to the next level it is vital to take the training on to the course. The range is a very clinical environment. Every shot is repeated many times, from the same spot, at the same target. Even if repetition is necessary to improve a movement, often the transition to the course is difficult. 

Price excluding Greenfee:

9 Holes with Harry (1pax) 80,-​

9 Holes with Harry (2pax) je 40,-

9 Holes with Harry (3pax) je 30,-

9 Holes with Marie (1-3pax) 130,-

Training Plan

Technical training offers the necessary input in all areas of the game to improve. Often the improvement is limited due to the time spent in between lessons. Our Motto: “Train like the pros”, you get support past the lesson time. 

Your skills will get tested and we create an individual training plan for your schedule. This shows you why, how and what to train. Additionally you get a warm up suggestion. 

Status Analysis

Run Through the plan

Individual Training Plan



149 Euro 

2 Hours Course

The best players in the world on average hit 79% of greens. They make their millions with a superb short game on an off the green. The short game is even more important for a hobby player. It is our chance to keep our score together, even on a bad day. 

During our courses your learn the most effective technique for all shots in the short game - putting, chipping, pitching, bunker and we also show you the best ways to train them. We also train creativity around the green and show you different options to approach a shot. 

Price excluding balls: 

50 Euro (Marie)

40 Euro (Harry)

Intensive Course

During the course we will cover all shots in the short game - putting, chipping, pitching, bunker and combine it with technical training and exercises in the long game.


This is a group training session and offers an opportunity to train all aspects of your game over 4x 1,5 hours training. All aspects get analysed and improved. Additionally you get exercises to train by yourself. 


5-8 participants


Price excluding balls

120 Euro (Marie)

100 Euro (Harry)

Season Coaching

The quick tipp does not exist. If you want to improve your game you need constant effort and professional input to build a solid base for growth. We offer you individual support throughout the season in all aspects of your game. 


Private Lessons are combined with on course training and offer a structure normally only pros get. With this you can reach your full Potential. 

Harry: 7 private lessons and 7 on course lessons (9 holes), Marie: 11 private lessons and 3 on course lessons (9 holes).


990,- (1 pax), 1100,- (2 pax)

Clubs and Grips

As important as our technique and skills is our equipment. It can help or hinder our game. We support you at finding the right clubs for you as well as look after your equipment. 

We offer a wide range of Grips and repair broken clubs too. 24 hours service. 

Please contact us for prices

TPI Golf Fitness

The coaching system of the Titleist Performance Institute does not only support tour professionals to get the best out of them, but also offers hobby players the option to work on their body. 


The motto: “mobility makes movement possible, stability makes movement safe” we test all movements that are necessary for the golf swing and help you get mobility and stability. You get a 12 week training program, based on your individual needs. 

2 Fitness checks,

12 week program,



149 Euro

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