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We don´t teach golf,

we coach people



The pros on the tour show us, that many different swing styles can get results and success. Even if some look quite extraordinary, the all have in common that they work! The allow for a repeatable and solid contact, control over the golf ball and win a lot of tournaments. 

As different as the swing styles, we are as people. Body shape, mobility, beliefs, skills, experience and character, no two people are alike. Therefore individuality is our main philosophy when working with players. We want to support your game and help you progress to reach your full potential. Based on your swing style, your level of play, your goals we will find a method, that fits you and helps you progress quicker. We choose from a wide range of possibilities and use modern equipment in our training. 

If you like to experience our way of teaching, you can visit us at GC Schloss Ebreichsdorf (Marie) and at GC Leopoldsdorf (Harry). 



Harry Jeffery


Plays golf since 1975 and in 1999 became club champion at Colony Club Gutenhof. In his youth he participated in Motocross Championships across England. 

Since 2000 Harry is Pro and did his education through the British PGA. Since then he works as head professional at GC Leopoldsdorf. He is responsible for the successful junior training and works with Trackman and Zenio. 

Further he is doing all club repairs and grip changes. His Motto: “It´s better to burn out, than to fade away"

Marie Jeffery 


Plays golf since 1991 and participated as Amateur in national and international Championships. Pro since 2008. 

Marie works at GC Schloss Ebreichsdorf since 2009 and is head coach for the junior training. Every year she takes part in further educations in Austria and abroad. She works with Trackman, Hackmotion and Zenio. 


Between 2014-17 she was national coach for the austrian girls team. Since 2017 she is part of the PGAs of Europe development team. Her Motto: “If you can´t explain it to a six year old, you didn’t understand it yourself"

CV Marie (PDF)



Mag. Marie Jeffery

Golfclub Schloss Ebreichsdorf

Schlossallee 1, 2483 Ebreichsdorf

0699 150 65 743

Harry Jeffery

Golfclub Leopoldsdorf

Achauerstrasse 6, 2333 Leopoldsdorf

0664 451 34 77

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